By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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By the students, for the students of Central Washington University

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News: Winegars moves Main Street location to University Way


The Winegars located on 7th and Main Street will be moving its location to Jerrol’s so that the business can have the opportunity to expand in growth.

Kori Winegar, the business owner, said that the inside of the new Winegars will be twice the size of the inside of their current location.

“We’ve always wanted to grow and get a little bit bigger,” Winegar said.

Winegar explained that they could not expand their current location.

After Winegar had talked to Rolf Williams, the owner of Jerrol’s, both owners decided in favor of moving Winegars next to Jerrol’s so that the businesses would be able to expand like they had wanted to.

“We and our team are just super excited about the possibilities between the two, and the sort of unique things we will be able to bring the community,” Williams said.

Meanwhile, the Winegars located on University Way and Alder will not be closing down and will remain available to the public.

The new Winegars is going to be attached to Jerrol’s and will consist of two drive-up windows with a speaker system, and a one-thousand square foot meeting room, which will be located in the back.

The business’s new building will also have a lot more seating available for customers.

“It’ll be easier to find because everyone knows where Jerrol’s is at,” Ashlee Winther, a junior majoring in art education and special education, said.

According to Winegar, the business is also looking into serving sandwiches and possibly soup.

Jerrol’s used to be a soda fountain that served food.

Winegar said that the biggest complaint from their current location is about the slowness of their drive-thru.

“We’re addressing that to the best of our ability, and we’ll have a speaker system so you can place your order and then you can pay for your order and then you can pick up your order,” Winegar said.

Winegars has sold its building on 7th and Main Street, but Winegar said the woman who bought it has not yet said what she is going to do with the building.

According to Winegar, they are hoping to begin building between May and June, and the goal is to have the new Winegars opened by August.

“I feel like it’s a smart move because it’s within walking distance of the school,” Katey Kjelland, a senior who’s majoring in elementary education and special education, stated.

Winegar said that the size of the new building will be one of the benefits of moving to a new space.

Another benefit is the new meeting room, as Winegar said that it was a need within the community to hold events.

“I think the possibilities with having a one-thousand square foot meeting room is going to be a lot of fun,” Williams said.

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