Ethel: Well, the only thing I can say of comfort is that it probably has nothing to do with the guy other than being on your mind. Have you been talking about him with your friend lately? I notice when I talk about people with my friends, they end up showing up in my dreams a few days later.

Edith: I have had a few times where people had shown up in my dreams as my romantic partner even though they had no reason to be. Sometimes it is just the fact that I care about these people, so they show up subconsciously.

Ethel: This is pretty hard to advise on to be honest. I’m not a psychology major, but I do know that we don’t really have control over our subconscious, which I believe is what is active during the dream state. 

Edith: Exactly. It is similar to nightmares – you aren’t wishing to be covered in bugs right? I know I’m not. It’s just a dumb thing our brain does from what I can tell. When something is on your mind so often, it can appear in random contexts in your dreams.

Ethel: I wouldn’t be too worried about it. It probably means nothing, especially if you never even liked the guy as your name suggests.

Edith: I would say brush it off for right now, but if you’re stuck on these dreams… maybe there is more to it. I mean, if you’re thinking about that possibility longer than the original “what is going on?” thought.

Ethel: Oh, I suppose that’s true. If you keep dwelling on it, it will turn into a vicious cycle. And maybe you need to do that. Get down to the root by continuing the dreams. What’s the worst that can happen? You fall for the dude?

Edith: I wish I could continue a dream’s storyline and see where it was going to end. All the dreams I had of going to concerts and my favorite band member noticing me like a Wattpad fanfiction.. Nice. Anyways, back to the topic at hand – think about how you truly feel! Maybe the dreams are a sign. Or maybe, they’re your brain being dumb. Good luck!