Dylan Hanson, Photographer

Name: Max Cox
Fr. Undeclared
Answer: Blood in The Cut by K.Flay.
Name: Laura Nelson
Fr. Film Production
Answer: Goddess by Xana. It’s very empowering and I like that the artist is LGBTQ.
Name: George Athans
Sr. Computer Science
Answer: The theme song from Rocky. It’s very uplifting. It’s the underdog story and I can relate to that. It has a good message.
Name: Emma Cavin
So. Forensics
Answer: It would probably be Twenty Eleven by Five Seconds of Summer. It’s just like a bunch of memories and it makes you want to go back to that time. Sometimes I can be childish and so it really suits me.
Name: Herman Villagomez Sr. Law and Justice and Sociology
Answer: The song from Mulan I’ll Make a Man out of You by Donny Osmond. It’s just one of the first songs that comes to mind and it’s catchy.