Washington to end connections with Russian entities

Gov. Jay Inslee announces order to review contracts with Russian institutions and businesses

Addie Adkins, Assistant Copy Editor

Gov. Jay Inslee announced an emergency order to end business with Russian entities in an effort to place state sanctions on Russia in light of the invasion of Ukraine.

“We stand with the people of Ukraine … against this outrageous foreign invasion,” Inslee said in a press conference Monday. “We stand with those people in Russia who are protesting this vicious, malicious, totally unjustified act of violence.”

Inslee said he directed all state agencies to take an inventory of commercial contracts and any other connections with “Russian state institutions or significant Russian companies” in order to identify and end said connections.

“This cannot stand,” Inslee said. “The entire world needs to be united in this front. We intend to do our part in the state of Washington.”