Dylan Hanson, Photographer

Name: Nick Prestwich Fr., Undeclared Answer: Probably my dad just because he worked two jobs most of my life so we could get by. He put food on the table and even if he was busy, he would get to my soccer and tennis games and cub scouts.
Name: Zane Crites Jr., Math and Secondary Education Answer: My old high school math teacher, his name was Donald Helvie. He opened my eyes to teaching and I know a lot of people who struggle with math. I want to be that teacher who helps those students.
Name: Yegor Koriavets Fr., Psychology
Answer: For me, probably my parents. I’m actually from the Ukraine and you’re probably aware of the tensions over there. I’m grateful for them getting me out and bringing me to the land of opportunity. I’m thankful for them getting me out of danger and letting me grow as someone I want to become instead of someone I’m forced to.
Name: Jocelyn Garcia Jr., Sociology
Answer: Rigoberta Menchu, a mayan activist.
Name: Kira Pinkerton Jr., Supply Chain Management and Environmental Studies Answer: My boyfriend because he’s the one encouraging me to do what I want. He’s someone that’s so supportive and he’s always pushing me farther in my studies.