Dylan Hanson, Photographer

Name: Seth Bender, Fr. Psychology
Answer: Overall they’re doing good but they could light up on the mask mandate.
Name: Yaritza Granados, So. Safety and Health Management
Answer: Trying for sure and there are some aspects that they are doing well in and there’s some that they could improve.
Name: Lily Sears, Jr. Music Education and Performance
Answer: I think it could definitely be better. There have been some upsetting situations in the music building. People will find out they’ve been exposed to someone with Covid but they’ll still have to go to class if they’re not showing symptoms. I appreciate the work they have put in though.
Name: Connor Chilson, Sr. Aviation
Answer: For the most part they’ve done a pretty good job. I like that vaccinations are required to go here. I also don’t mind the masks. Generally speaking they did a pretty good job.
Name: Elle Ellis, So. Aviation
Answer: I’m not really a mask person but they handled it fine. Last year it was a little too much and they make you stay quarantined for ten days when the CDC says you only have to for five.