CWU men’s rugby ranks seventh in country


Gavin Johnson, Staff Reporter

CWU’s rugby team ranked seventh out of the top 25 Division I schools listed, in the College Rugby Association of America’s (CRAA) latest ranking poll on their website.

While other CWU sports teams rank in the NCAA’s Division II, men’s rugby is not an NCAA championship sport. Instead, as a club sport, rugby is ranked by the CRAA, and is funded by the university itself and not the athletics department. Even so, CWU’s rugby is still a top performing sport.

“It’s a club sport, not a part of the athletic department,” said director of sports communication Cris Belvin. “Almost across the board rugby is a club sport, which means the university sponsors it, but the athletic department does not.”

Explaining the difference between rugby as a club sport and the sports included in CWU’s athletic department is a tricky subject, since most people think of college sports in NCAA terms.

“There’s several schools that people would call non-Division I that are in the poll as well,” Belvin said. 

Despite not being included in NCAA tournaments, CWU’s rugby team has seen success in its own right. 

CWU Wildcat’s website lists many of the men’s rugby accomplishments. Currently men’s rugby is undefeated this season, with wins against Western Washington University and the Seattle Rugby Club.

The Wildcat’s website also lists a story about a former team member being signed to a professional Japanese team.