Let’s talk about love… Self-love

Addie Adkins, Columnist

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means romance, dating and relationships are taking center stage for the next couple of weeks.

While giving flowers or chocolates to your favorite person is always nice, there’s another person you should concentrate on this Valentine’s Day.


Here are three ways to ensure you are giving yourself the best self-love.

Give Yourself a Break

Just take one day and do anything except what’s on your to-do list. Need to take the garbage out? Need to run to the store? Clean the house? Cool, it can wait until tomorrow. Instead of doing those things, try slowing down.

Take some time to hydrate, eat some fresh nutrient dense foods, take a walk outside and be nice to yourself. Remember, we are just house plants with feelings.

Maybe have a conversation with yourself about something that has been bothering you. Self-reflection is always a great way to relieve some stress and give you a moment to solve some problems.

Take Yourself on a Date

When was the last time you went to a restaurant alone, saw a movie alone or went on a grand adventure alone? Some people do this all the time, but for others, this can be a challenge.

Sometimes, it’s just necessary to stop, “Reflect, re-center, [and] recharge,” in order to “reconnect with yourself, remind yourself of how great you are and just care for yourself,” according to Marelisa Fabrega, author of the blog “Daring to Live Fully.”

Oh, and running errands doesn’t count. You wouldn’t call it a date if you went grocery shopping with your significant other, would you? Do something fun and adventurous.

Some things Fabrega thinks you should consider are taking a cooking class, being a tourist in your own town or going on a bucket list date. Another suggestion she made was to go “street combing,” where you take a walk down a street where you live with a camera in hand taking photos of anything that piques your interest.

Have a Purge Day

One of my favorite self-love activities is purging. I hold on to things much longer than I should, be this material things, relationships, grudges or emotions. So every once in a while, I will have what I call a purge day.

What I do first is sit down with a hot beverage, a notebook and a fancy pen. Then I do some deep self-reflection. I outline my recent moods, what I feel is dragging me down and ways I can actively change my moods.

Then, the real work begins. I start with my material things. I clean my spaces and separate what no longer serves me from the things I need to keep.

I move on to my relationships. This could be my relationships with people or things. If I need a change in one of my relationships, I make the moves necessary to do that. For example, I recently found I needed to work on my relationship with food. It was too negative, and I found I would beat myself up about having sweets or eating something I would once deem “bad.” I made some changes, got a food tracking app and found ways to change my thinking.

Last, I take care of grudges and emotions. These usually go hand in hand for me as forgiveness isn’t my strong suit. I do a lot of writing in order to take care of this, so it helps to save it for last, so I can end my purge day curled up in bed with a notebook or laptop.

Self-love: The Best Romance

Oscar Wilde said it best, “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” After all, you are only required to live with one person your entire life, and you look at them every morning in the mirror. It’s better to fall in love with yourself sooner rather than later.