Athletes use off-season to prepare

Baseball ready for first full schedule in two years


Snowy CWU Baseball Field

Jake Hassebrock, Staff Reporter

It can be hard for athletes to find motivation when there aren’t weekly games to look forward to, but CWU athletes are still preparing for their next chance to take the field.

The last game of the season for the women’s soccer team was months ago and the next one is months away. However, there is still work to be done for the players even without a coach to lead them.

“Right now, it’s literally just us,” said freshman forward Stacia Conely.

Conely said that between players who transferred to other schools, graduating seniors and players in COVID-19 quarantine, there are often only a small number of players that can make it to training sessions. According to Conely, this can affect the atmosphere during off-season practice.

 “The intensity is difficult to work with … when it comes to the actual ball training with no coach and not enough girls,” Conely said.

Despite the challenges, the team is finding ways to enjoy the winter off-season. During this time the team focuses on lifting heavier weights with less repetitions, a type of workout that is preferred by many players according to Conely.

“Everyone loves the heavy weight, everyone loves getting strong and so the intensity in the weight room is awesome, super fun, great atmosphere,” Conely said. “It’s a big family we kind of have going on.” 

CWU’s baseball team is preparing for their regular season in the spring. This means a lot of work for players like junior infielder Trevor Tripoli.

 “I’m at the field for at least seven hours a day,” Tripoli said.

With the baseball team returning to a full schedule of games for the first time in two seasons, the players are making use of the time before the season.

“The off-season is just as important, it’s just as much of a grind as it is in-season,” Tripoli said. “Each and every one of us is doing our own part.”

Tripoli said there are upsides to not having upcoming games, but that the team is ready for the upcoming season. 

“Traveling in the in-season takes a toll on your body,” Tripoli said.  “[But] this team is very hungry for what’s coming up for this season.”

Both athletes focused on growing mentally being an athlete during the off-season. 

“[It’s important to] make sure our mental health is good so when we come, we can be there for each other as a team,” Conely said. 

Tripoli similarly stated that his focus going into the spring is on the mental aspect of baseball. 

“I think just being where my feet are,” Tripoli said. “I think that’s going to be the biggest thing for me to grow as a player.”