Stephanie Davison, Staff Reporter

Name: Mia Elliott, Fr. Computer Science
ANSWER: It was close to home and it was one of the cheaper options.
Name: Crystal Franco-Bourez, Fr. Chemistry
ANSWER: I visited Washington when I was little and I just thought it was so beautiful, I knew I wanted to go to school in this state.
Name: Parrish Wunderlich, Fr. Elementary Education
ANSWER: I was choosing between Eastern and Central and ultimately went with Central because I’m from Cheney and Ellensburg was a new place to me. Also, the Elementary Ed. program is one of the best.
Name: Sandra Rivera, Jr. Graphic Design
ANSWER: It was close to my hometown and I have family in the area.
Name: Zaire Taylor, Fr. Business Entrepreneurship
ANSWER: Honestly it was the only school I was looking at. It’s close to home, but not too close.