Vaccinations up among students since CWU vaccine deadline

Sean Bessette, Editor-in-Chief

As of publication, 10,136 students out of roughly 10,200 students are in compliance with CWU’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. 91.6% of those in compliance have been vaccinated.

This means roughly 850 students who aren’t yet vaccinated are in compliance. This also means over 900 students haven’t been vaccinated or shown proof of vaccination.

Approximately all staff and faculty are in compliance and 93.3% of those in compliance are vaccinated. Roughly 115 staff aren’t vaccinated. 

As for exemptions, Staci Sleigh-Layman, executive director of HR, said, “Once we have that medical information, we work with the employee and their supervisor to review the specific work environment, essential functions of the position, as well as business requirements for workplace safety.”

When the state vaccine mandate went into effect, those numbers were quite different.

Roughly 84% of students, or 8,561, were in compliance, as of Oct. 18. Of staff and faculty, 1,761 were in compliance and 92.8% of them were vaccinated.

Current numbers can be found online at