Stephanie Davison, Staff Reporter

Name: Wolfgang Wool, Sr. History/Social Studies Teaching
ANSWER: Veterans Day is a time to think about our history as Americans, both the good and the bad. Our military history, in regards to conflicts where our involvement was just, as well as the times where it was not. It is a time to remember those who have fought, as well as those who had no choice in the conflict and were following orders.
Name: Thaily Garibay, Fr. Environmental Science
ANSWER: I think of Veterans Day as an opportunity to celebrate the people who have given their time and their lives to ensure our safety.
Name: John Lange, Jr. Mechanical Engineering
ANSWER: It makes me think of my family members that have served.
Name: Esperanza Prado, Fr. Biology
ANSWER: A day where we can celebrate those who have served in the military.
Name: Ben Garland, Fr. Music
ANSWER: Veterans Day is a holiday I’ve never really thought of. I honestly see it as more of a day for vacation.