Table event gives students a refresh on services and resources available

Table event gives students a refresh on services and resources available

Danny Dang, Staff Reporter

The Resource Refresher is an event for students who need a reminder of what they have access to benefit them. This event had tables to connect students with what CWU has to offer.

Some of the organizations with tables were the Student Health and Counseling Services, the Wellness Center, the financial aid office and Housing and Residential Life. Many other tables were present as well.

Arryn Welty, secretary senior for the division of health and wellness at the Wellness Center, spoke of different services that students can benefit from that the center provides. One highlight from the Wellness Center is the Prevention, Advocacy, Training, Healing (P.A.T.H.) program. 

Kerri Larson from Student Health and Counseling Services said many students are missing out on services provided by their department. Larson highlighted the Wildcatcare365 service students can access.

Wildcatcare365 is a mobile service that provides students easy access to medical assistance.

CWU Financial Aid counselor James Paton provided information regarding what students could do or use when planning their academics financially. These resources provided students topics such as dates for FAFSA applications, payment plans and other relevant financial deadlines and information.

Ronnica Rath, a student new to the CWU campus, said she found new information she never knew.

“It’s nice to know that the Wellness Center helps students dealing with issues like substance misuse,” Rath said. “They also have support groups for students to feel safe and know they are not alone.” 

Being new to campus, Rath found the Resource Refresher to be a very helpful experience. Rath put out that she was a transfer student right when the COVID-19 pandemic started, and she started living off campus.

“I’m new to campus and I didn’t know where a lot of things were located at, but having this little resource fair at the SURC early helped me out,” Rath said. 

Student Michelle Reyes finds these tabling events to be beneficial and relatable to her college experience. “I feel like a lot of students don’t really know about all the resources that there is on campus,” Reyes said.

Reyes said she found interacting with the Housing and Residence Life table to be relatable due to once being a part of a dorm life experience. “I feel like connecting and reaching out to this table of housing and Residence Life is very, very much beneficial to the students,” Reyes said.