The many sounds of studying

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Danny Dang, Columnist

“Studying is so fun!” Said no one ever. 

The idea of studying being fun is so foreign because of how stressful it can be and the context it is typically done in. Being that life can be stressful enough, I try to make things easier when it comes to studying. 

So to take off some of that stress and anxiety, I listen to some soothing sounds while studying. It can’t be just any music, because even though I listen to a wide variety of genres like Hip-Hop, Rock, and RnB, those won’t help me. 

I simply can’t listen to my favorite everyday songs because I get too engulfed and distracted by the lyrics, or the instruments or just belching those high notes. 

“Music can distract. Students who listen to loud music can have trouble with reading comprehension and mood. Even soft music with loads of lyrics can distract and could have absorbed less information.” according to 

 Instead, I listen to those YouTube live feeds of “LoFi studying music.” It’s something about the smooth calming variations of songs that aren’t too heavy in bass or screaming in your ear, helps me stay focused when it comes to getting some work done. 

Although, when I really need to grind and I’m just at that point of the night where I can’t keep focus on my studies, I bust out the big guns. I listen to ambient white noises, with my go-to being “the oscillating fan.” 

Using this white noise helps block out any background noise from my surroundings and keep my thoughts from wandering. 

According to, “In some cases, students have found that music helps them with memorization, likely by creating a positive mood, which indirectly boosts memory formation.” 

So keep in mind what kind of music may help you study better.