Stephanie Davison, Staff Reporter

Name: Megan Kanaff, Fr. Elementary Education and Kaitlyn Holbrook, Fr. Biology Pre Vet.
ANSWER: A girls workout club would be amazing.
Name: Jax Jackson, 6th year Mathematics Secondary Teaching
ANSWER: I think we have quite a lot of clubs! I’m in all the ones I would like to be in.
Name: Jakob Burnham, So. Film
ANSWER: I’m not sure what clubs we have, but a D&D club would be cool.
Name: Brittney Cornwell, Jr. Wine Studies
ANSWER: I would love to see something involving my major. Or maybe a club for hikers!
Name: Wyatt Close, 5th year. Environmental Science
ANSWER: I haven’t really looked into the clubs here, but my roommate would love a club involving video games/E sports.