Wildcats lose to the visiting Wolves

Bella Brown tunnels Wolves defensive player

Bella Brown tunnels Wolves defensive player

Isaiah Salevao, Staff Reporter

CWU women’s soccer team experienced their eighth loss in an 0-3 game against the visiting Western Oregon University (WOU) Wolves Thursday. 

The Wolves were the first to put a score on the board in minute 23 of the game. The shot, made by WOU freshman defender Jada Foster, was able to slide through junior goalkeeper Liz Canton’s fingers. 

Shortly after, the Wolves were able to get the ball down the field and freshman midfielder Piper Matson made another goal to put the Wolves up 2-0 in minute 25 of the game.

The Wildcats were able to set up senior midfielder Sophia Keenan for a free kick in minute 33 of the game, but was blocked by the Wolves goalkeeper, sophomore Emily Wheeler. 

The Wolves were able to get the ball back into possession and attempted another shot at the goal. It was saved by sophomore defender Morgan Fischel and again saved by Canton. 

The Wildcats would make a change in goalkeeper at the half, bringing in senior Megan Fox. Canton finished the first half with three saves. Fox was tested early in the second half; at minute 50, the Wolves attempted a goal, but Fox was able to grab it and keep the Wildcats in the game. 

Junior defender Maci Parke had an opportunity to put the Wildcats on the board, but the ball contacted the crossbar, bouncing away from the goal. In minute 60 of the game, Fox was able to block another goal, but WOU’s freshman forward/midfielder Liz Parker was able to get a second chance and score the Wolves third and final point of the game.

Senior midfielder Bella Brown had the highlight play for the Wildcats, a tunnel between the opponent’s legs that got the crowd the loudest it was all night. 

According to Wildcatsports.com, assistant coach Emmy Koflanovich said the team was able to play nearly a full 90 minutes, which is something the Wildcats hadn’t done yet. She said she knows results will start showing as the team has improved with each game. 

CWU hosted the Saint Martin’s University Saints at Tomlinson Stadium on Saturday. The Wildcats won the game 4-1, taking the lead early on. The Saints responded quickly, leading to a stalemate that lasted the remainder of the first half.

The Wildcats scored three goals in the second half, the first made by sophomore forward Grace Jackson in minute 52. Freshman midfielder Casey Park extended the lead in minute 62, and senior midfielder Sydney Lowe ended the night with her second goal in minute 88 of the game. 

The wildcats are scheduled to host Seattle Pacific University on Oct. 14.