The Studio by Ellensburg Dance Studio offers classes for all skills levels


Jackie Tran, Staff Reporter

“For me personally,” Sara Bachman-Rhodes, director of The Studio and owner of Happy 2 Move, said. “That is one of my objectives in what I do.”

The early morning light streamed through the windows, lighting up the mirrors lining the wall to reflect back the dance floor.

“I see that across all kinds of genres of art and sports, it’s like, if I haven’t trained for six to ten years then I’m not allowed to participate,” Bachman-Rhodes said. “I just want our lives to be richer and fuller and develop those confidences to come and do whatever it is that makes your heart happy so that you go out into the world and you’re happy there too.”

The Studio is a dance studio located in downtown Ellensburg, collaborating with the Ellensburg Dance Ensemble to offer classes to everyone aged two and up. Bachman-Rhodes encourages anyone interested to join regardless of past experience. The Studio specifically works to supply classes to all levels whether someone is looking for a recreational activity or more advanced practice.

“We are really working under the auspices of bringing dance to everyone in Ellensburg,” Bachman-Rhodes said. “We hope to develop our ballet program for advanced dancers, but we also hope to offer a more recreational version so that everyone has a place to dance.”

Bachman-Rhodes extends the invitation to join in on the classes to college students, even offering a discount on the regular prices.  

“We would definitely like to have more [college students] and to build that connection with Central and the students there.” Bachman-Rhodes said, “Folks are welcome and often we do offer a discount for Central students.”

The Studio teaches ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, modern and creative movement. They will be providing musical theatre and acting workshops among others over the summer.

Anyone interested in reaching out to the studio is free to contact them through their website, email or walking over to The Studio.

As a relatively new business, The Studio has managed to keep their doors open to in-person classes thus far with no vaccine requirement at the moment.

“We are looking at the fall but we have not made any decisions,” Bachman-Rhodes said.

Outside of the classes offered, Bachman-Rhodes also says that they often rent out the studio space to individuals looking for a practice room. In the future, she sees opportunities for the space being rented for bigger events such as dances.  

“So far we have individuals. I anticipate there being lots of opportunity for folks to rent the space for a variety of things—gatherings, events, dances, rehearsals,” Bachman-Rhodes said. “We hope to be a go-to place for everyone in the community.”

The Studio is hoping to perform in the Kittitas County Fair along with annual productions and a recital in 2022. According to Bachman-Rhodes, the Happy 2 Move group children’s dance group was able to do an outdoor recital over the last weekend.