COVID-19 affects how students prepare for finals week

Justin Zabel, Staff Reporter

Ryan Arboleda, a student research assistant majoring in biology, had to adapt his study habits during the pandemic.

“I think the biggest change that has happened for finals week is I used to be a group studier,” Arboleda said. “Before the pandemic, a lot of my studying was done in the library or by inviting friends to all study together. I haven’t really been doing that lately. All my studying has been independent.”

And Arboleda isn’t alone. Several students said remote classes and digital learning have made them change the way they prep for finals.

Finn Ho, a senior majoring in theater performance, had to adapt as well. Ho spends more time studying by himself. To complete some of his theater assignments, he sometimes needs to Zoom with a group, which makes completing his homework that much harder.

“Studying is a very introverted process, so it does not change much. Especially when it comes to music, and monologues are the same because before the pandemic I would do them by myself,” Ho said. “But when it comes to scenes, that is when you have to have other people. There’s something about Zoom where it is harder to get people to jump on Zoom and practice a scene and it gets more awkward.”

He has been waiting for the day he can be in the same room with his fellow classmates. As for Arboleda, he said virtual learning hasn’t been all bad.

“Something that is nice about the pandemic is that all my classes are recorded now,” Arboleda said. “The nice thing that I have been doing a lot is I’ll attend class, the Zoom, and re-watch the lecture again on one and a half or two speed.”

However, the recordings have their downside. While the recordings allow students more time to comprehend the material, Arboleda said there are still frustrations.

“Now that it’s spring, I have had time to adjust to it,” Arboleda said. “I remember in fall and winter, it was horrible, but I am getting a little better at it, but it is still a little difficult.”