CWU adjusts summer orientation for COVID-19


Jackie Tran, Staff Reporter

While the COVID-19 vaccine will be required for students attending on campus in the fall, the vaccine will not be required for the summer orientation event.

Still, organizers strongly encourage getting the vaccine before visiting. Face coverings will still be required, but social distancing will not have as much emphasis.  

“We’re excited for fall and really doing our best to provide a safe opportunity for students, families, and our faculty and staff on campus. We’re just doing our best to keep moving towards that goal,” Mounsey said. 

CWU will be hosting orientation with both in-person opportunities and online content. The event will be a one day experience and its format will depend on the individual’s choice.

“Students are not required to participate in person this summer,” Mounsey said. “We know that we’re ever transitioning and still in the midst of the pandemic. We wanted to have options. We’re trying to mix things up and reimagine some different things too.”

Held in July, those who attend in person will be in groups of 50 students with each student allowed one guest. There will be a maximum of 200 people on campus on any given day.

Hoping to create an experience more similar to past years, the orientation team is working to present students with skits, recorded presentations, one on one meetings and possibly even residence hall tours.  In addition, they are working to organize a Wildcat success day and club tabling. 

The school is looking to include 2021 sophomores in the welcoming activities they missed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the orientation team is planning for a more normal orientation and welcome week, these plans are subject to change.

“We will be providing some in person opportunities during the month of July, but we will still be supplementing that with online content,” Mounsey said.     

Virtually, emails are in the process of being sent out. The courses Central 101 for freshmen students, and Central 301 for incoming transfer students, are already available online to help direct students with extra information. The two courses have been offering content since January. Additionally, there will be three print pieces delivered to further inform and support students. 

“It’s a collection of initiatives that span an 18 month period for admitted students through their first year,” John Mounsey, Director for Orientation and Transition Programs said. “We keep serving them and will serve them … providing them with resources, connections, and opportunities to make sure they’re successful.”