Mini-Opinions: Pop Culture

Pop culture is everywhere because, well, it’s popular. It gives people a chance to relate to others on some level, giving even the most socially anxious something to break the ice with. Small talk anyone? We asked staff for some opinions on anything pop culture related. If anything, we hope they help you with a new ice breaking topic as we all start stretching our socialization muscles.

Mariana Gonzalez

I love the Kardashians. People bash on Kim for only becoming famous because of her sex tape, but if anything, that just makes her more impressive. If something like that happened to me, I would hide forever in shame. Kim used what would’ve been an embarrassing event for most of us to jump start her career in the spotlight. That takes guts, brains and strong mental health. You know, stuff all of the Kardashian-bashers seriously lack.

Kate Caviezel

One of the best and most underrated crime shows is Bones. The two main characters, Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan have the best partner-in-crime dynamic, and they add a little comedy and romance to the show. I love watching the two characters solve crimes together and it’s my favorite out of all the crime shows that I’ve watched.

Sam Harris

I think Jon Heder, aka Napoleon Dynamite, was dropped by Hollywood. Since his signature role of Napoleon Dynamite, his career has taken a downward spiral. I think the last time I saw him in a movie was Blades of Glory, and he hasn’t starred in anything notable since. Come on Hollywood, where is Napoleon Dynamite?

Addie Adkins

Snooki is my spirit animal, and I will die on this hill. Going from train wreck to a “mawma” boss with her own business, she has faced a ton of criticism and obstacles, and she just doesn’t give a care. She continues to live her “meatball” life with her family and friends, and honestly, it’s commendable. I lived my 20s vicariously through her in Jersey Shore, and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is honestly #bestfriendgoals.

Katlyn White

5 Seconds of Summer is my favorite band. The albums they have are amazing and relatable. They opened me up into the world of punk rock which I never would have gotten into before them. They are caring and have the most caring fanbase in the world. I also think they are pretty cute so that may be a huge influence on my opinion.

Jamie Wyatt

I started collecting Funko’s Pop! figures when I became involved in Instagram’s ‘bookstagram’ community. Since many of Funko’s Pop! collections are traditional fairytale characters or book-to-movie collections, it was an easy transition. Now, I have somewhere between 400-500 Funko Pop! figures that will adorn my book photography.

Farron Knechtel

I spent a little over five bucks on Butterfinger candies so I could get a “free” mount my character can ride in Final Fantasy XIV. The ads claim this mount is a $25 value for $5 worth of candy. This left me wondering what the monetary value of my time and effort was, considering I had a friend pick out the candy and take it home due to my allergies. My friend doesn’t even like Butterfinger that much.

Milenne Quinonez

I would just like to say we need to create more reality TV shows about rich people. I know we all agreed to dislike The Kardashians but I can’t help but watch them. Netflix came out with Bling Empire, which is about a rich group of Asian friends, and it was the real-life Crazy Rich Asians. I was completely hooked. Yeah, they might have been a little clueless on real world issues but they were entertaining, and it was a great Asian cast! It highlighted other cultures well and it wasn’t boring because it was different. Sometimes I like to escape my realities and focus on the things rich people worry about. Sorry not sorry.

Gabriel Strasbaugh

Drew Brees. He optimizes excellence both on and off the field. His drive to be the greatest player possible is inspiring. But not as inspiring as his drive to be the best husband and father. He has never let anything stand in his way. Becoming a world champion, check. All-time passing leader, check. Essentially owning the record book, check. He inspires me to reach for the trophy at the end of the season. Become a world champion in my own life.

Ondrea Machin

Ever since I was a small child, I have loved the magic of Disney and even at 23 years old I still believe in the magic that embodies Disney. People think Disney is just for kids and after a certain age it’s time to grow up, but I don’t want to grow up. While Disney magic isn’t “real life,” embracing the magic reminds me of my childhood and that there is magic in our world. In the great words of Peter Pan “All it takes is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.”