Local businesses offer deals for students


Jackie Tran, Staff Reporter

For the campus community, Ellensburg has options to offer for students to get out and explore the town. Local businesses Jerrol’s and Dominos are two such businesses that have special offers with students in mind.

Cisco Rojas, a senior student majoring in Religious Studies, said living in Ellensburg for the past four years, he’s enjoyed the quiet and being able to explore local businesses.  

“For where I’m from, it’s loud, there’s a lot going on.  Being here, it’s like a vacation home,” Rojas said.

In the past, he said he has made use of deals offered by Fred Meyer, Jerrol’s, I-Hop and more.  

“I know that Fred Meyer and Jerrol’s do student nights once every quarter, once every other quarter,” Rojas said “I know that I-Hop, I think, does some deals if you show your student ID.”  

The student night at Jerrol’s is not currently available, and the other two are, as of now, unconfirmed. 

Rolf Williams, third generation owner and operator of Jerrol’s has worked to supply the former university bookstore with whatever people might be looking for. 

“We focused on the people who walked through our door and we looked at what they would want,” Williams said.

Since opening in 1947, the store has made changes from being a soda fountain stop, to a university bookstore to what Williams describes as a very unique department store.  

“I’ve never seen a business like Jerrol’s that sells general reading books, collegiate clothing, remote control vehicles, art supplies, toys, gifts, educational products, office supplies, crafts,” Williams said. “[It’s] kind of a unique selection and so, we are like no other.”  

Before COVID-19, Jerrol’s used to hold a welcome back event during which the store would be open for just students and everything would be on sale. That event is currently on hold. Despite pandemic difficulties, Williams assures that Jerrol’s is still there for students.  Programs such as the rewards program are still open and the store frequently gives $10 gift certificates to customers in thanks for the constant support.

Another locally owned and operated business, the Ellensburg Dominos, also caters to students and the general populace through local sponsorships, school lunches, parties, sports events and donations according to Matt England, the general manager of the store. 

“It’s not really any different than any other Dominos as far as operations goes,” England said.  “We’ve been with the community for 12 years now with the current owners.  We’re really just trying to keep … within the community.”  

England said they hold special deals for athletes through free athletic cards as well as fifty percent off online orders made Monday through Wednesday. Dominos also has different deals depending on which department a student is part of, according to England.  

Similar to Jerrol’s, the Dominos welcome packets were withheld this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.