Women’s rugby season ends in a loss against Life University

Mae Sagapolu (left) and Maryjane Pasioles attempt to score a try.

Mae Sagapolu (left) and Maryjane Pasioles attempt to score a try.

Isaiah Salevao, Staff Reporter

The 2021 season has come to an end as the CWU women were defeated 29-20 in a semifinal match. They were looking to become the number two team in the nation but lose the semifinal game against Life University. Returning players for next season Keia Mae Sagapolu, Tessa Hann and  Maryjane Pasioles reflected on their 2021 season and give details about what’s next for them.

“There were scenarios where a simple pass would have made difference or a quick launch off the line could have gave us momentum going forward on defense,” Sagapolu said. 

Sagapolu said she  is excited her team will have a lot more veterans next year than it did this season as it should bring more experience. 

“Since day one, we trained and focused on the basics, there has been massive improvement among every member of the team,” Sagapolu said.

Sagapolu said her team is working on next season already,  and is determined to come back hungrier than ever.

Freshman loose forward Tessa Hann said their biggest struggle in the loss against Life University  was maintaining their mistakes with fundamentals. 

“I think we played really well as a team however we made some simple mistakes which lead to bigger consequences,” Hann said. 

One of the Wildcat’s biggest accomplishments was maintaining a 3.6 GPA or higher throughout the season. 

“We are striving to win nationals in the upcoming year and will be looking to nail the little details on offense and defense,” Hann said. 

Hann said she would like to thank the  seniors that won’t be returning next season and said it was a pleasure playing with them as they brought leadership and had a huge contribution to their success. 

Junior scrum half/fly half Maryjane Pasioles knew the semifinals game against Life University was going to be a battle from start to finish. 

“One of our biggest struggles from the game was just our fitness, being able to make a tackle and get back up for the next one,” Pasioles  said. 

Pasioles said this was one of the best seasons she’s experienced because of the bond the team created together, and because the players protected and encouraged each other on and off the field. Pasioles said the team is hoping to compete in 7’s this year but that it could be a struggle to find a tournament. She said if they can’t compete in 7’s then they will just start working for next season. 

Pasioles had one last message to the senior players.

“It wasn’t the outcome we were hoping for this season but we had one great season and I appreciate them for holding us to a high standard and teaching us what CWU women’s rugby is all about,” Pasioles said.