Career Services to hold annual school fair virtually for second year in a row

Justin Zabel, Staff Reporter

With commencement around the corner, graduates are beginning to look ahead to their life after college.

On April 22, Career Services will be holding the annual Spring Career, Internship, & Grad School fair. However, with current restrictions in effect, the event is being held virtually for the second year in a row.

Because this event is virtual the number of organizations is low, but what is being offered for students is giving them other opportunities to grow after their college years and providing them guidance.

“There’s 48 organizations registered and that is a combination of grad programs,” the Director of Career Services Vicki Sannuto said. “There’s a few school districts that are attending to hire as well. There is probably eight school districts from the look of it.”

In order for students to have a successful job fair, preparation is key.

“They really should go and look at who’s coming to the fair and students have to use this app that was used a couple times call Career Fair Plus,” Sannuto said. “[Students] can read their explanation in there. … They should be understanding what the school offers and come with questions.” 

To register for this event students need to go to the career services website, download the Career Fair Plus app, fill out their information, and upload their resume and cover letter to interact with the organization and schools that will be involved.


Fast Facts

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) provides a projected job market outlook every year targeted toward college graduates.

  • Employers project hiring 7.2% more college graduates (Class of 2021)
  • Out of 200 respondents, 30% report plans to hire more college graduates in spring
    • Up from 16.5% of the 227 respondents with similar plans last fall
  • Out of 200 respondents, 8% report plans to decrease hiring in spring
    • Down from 31% of the 227 respondents with similar plans last fall