Why I won’t be watching Fast and Furious 9

Kenia Reynosa, Columnist

The Fast and Furious saga could’ve been something great. The moment they switched lanes from street racing is when it got ruined for me. 

There is a lot of debate as to which film should’ve been the finale. If you ask me it would have to be Fast Five. 

Even though it didn’t revolve around racing it ends on a good note as the crew gets the money from the heist, everyone is in a good place and Dom and Brian go for a race at the end. But no, it continued even after the passing of Paul Walker who was one of the main protagonists in the franchise. 

Universal has now dropped a second trailer this past Wednesday for the latest installment of the Fast & Furious saga titled F9. It only leaves people with more questions than answers. 

In the trailer we meet Dom’s long-lost brother Jakob who just so happens to be a deadly assassin and thief. There is clearly some bad blood between the two and Jakob is out for revenge. 

It’s crazy to me that after all this time we just now find out about this brother. When Dom is always emphasizing the importance of family and unity. It seems like they’re just making up these characters to keep dragging the saga on. 

Another thing that doesn’t make sense is the resurrection of Han (Sung Kang). Didn’t we see him die in Tokyo Drift and wasn’t he buried in Furious 7? There is no logic but anything is possible in Hollywood. 

The sky is also not the limit. Throughout the trailer there are multiple scenes hinting that they may be venturing into space. There’s the Pontiac Fiero space shuttle, rockets and space suits. 

What’s next, an alien invasion? Are they going to try an Avengers crossover? The possibilities are endless. Director Justin Lin is no stranger when it comes to space encounters as he has worked on Star Trek and Space Jam: a New Legacy. 

In an interview with Insider, Lin said going to space has been “years in the making.” Lin added  “we continue to not only surprise all the fans, but we continue to surprise ourselves, so I’m mind-blown just as much as all the people out there. I’m extremely excited. Whenever anybody thinks we can’t accomplish the impossible, we go and do it.”

This might be the beginning of the end for the franchise as Lee mentioned they’re already gearing up for a two part finale much like End Game, giving the saga a long overdue end.

Vin Diesel explained to Hypebeast earlier this year how he’s all for the two part finale, “that just always felt right. And being a part of the Marvel franchise, seeing that possibility that when you have that much story you can end with two films. It was something that we’d talked about that became real. It’s just been such a wonderful, wonderful run, and we’d always envisioned that 10 would be the farewell, the finale, and that is what our story is working towards.”

Personally I’ve seen enough and won’t be continuing to keep up with the saga. If you’re into bad storylines,  over the top action sequences and car chases, you can see all of that and more once F9 hits theaters on June 25.