The power of TikTok: Making dreams come true

Star Diavolikis, Scene Editor

Small businesses have sprouted on TikTok, many ranging from unique earring sellers to lip gloss sellers to special stickers. A scroll through the #smallbusiness tag on TikTok can show how well the app works for helping users achieve their dreams.

Panaderia el Solecito in Yakima is a business that benefited from TikTok. Panaderia el Solecito is a small bakery that specializes in making flavored RedBull drinks, Italian sodas and specialty bakery items. These items include “baskets,” which are made of little basket-shaped dough filled with flavored cream and coated in fine sugar, as well as macaroons and jalapeno and cream cheese filled bread.

Panaderia el Solecito

All specialties are only around for a certain time, and may return after a period of being gone.

Panaderia el Solecito uploaded their first TikTok on Sept. 25, 2020, and currently sits at 373 likes with 7,853 views. Compared to their most recent video uploaded on March 30, it currently sits at 5,824 likes and 29.5 thousand views. Many videos show customers driving up to get their creative and colorful drinks or their bakery items.

Many users started their own businesses from seeing how many became successful seemingly overnight, and many revolve around either makeup or unique earrings. One of the largest businesses that gained traction from TikTok is unexpected: a store focused on selling rubber ducks.

The store named “What The Duck!” officially opened in 2020, with store owner and TikTok user @flippinmichaelbro making posts about it on his journey to open the store. The owner currently uses his account to post stories regarding his store, including comedic troublesome encounters with parents, showcasing items in the store and other various topics.

The owner’s account currently has 762.8 thousand followers, and his videos range from 25,000 views to 1.5 million views.

Michael English

Many users have had their personal lives affected by TikTok, such as Mikayla Nogueira. Nogueira is a beauty guru who started her journey on TikTok in 2020, and has since made an impact on many viewers.

Nogueira told Allure in an interview posted on March 29 had a struggle regarding choosing between college or beauty school, and even though she chose college, she later dropped out due to having to be remote full time because of the pandemic.

Nogueira said that her first ever TikTok was her mom giving students a tour of their farm’s chicken coop, which “blew up,” but her first viral beauty video was her technique to cover up her acne.

“I did a video about how I cover my acne and it got 15 million [views],” Nogueira told Allure. “I was in a crazy state of shock. I had to seize the moment, so I just kept posting.”

According to the article, Nogueira mentioned she will be having a “dream collab” soon with a company and has been hired by a major agency.