Adulting advice you never knew you needed

Addie Adkins, Columnist

I recently hit my third decade of living, which means I’ve had 12 years of “adulting” practice. I’ve learned many things along the way I wish someone had told me when I went out into the world on my own. Here are 12 pieces of advice that will help you out. Or not, you be the judge.

Take Care of Your Skin

You have a skin type, and you should buy specific products made for that type. For the longest time, I bought products that were too harsh on my skin because of acne, which only caused more acne. 

I recently realized no one is too young for night cream, eye cream or serums. I have a six step skin care routine now, and the only thing I’m mad about is the fact I didn’t find it sooner.

Learn the Ways of the Planner

Planners may seem old school but having everything written down feels motivating. The many advantages of planning include creating boundaries and school/work/life balance, a sense of empowerment and an ability to visualize the future according to

The beauty of planning is how customizable you can make your experience; you can choose how much of a time commitment is put into it. I personally have a book planner, a digital planner and a white board. Some people only use their phones. Some people only use a desk calendar. 

Take some time each week and schedule your time, and make some weekly, monthly and yearly goals. If you are feeling adventurous, make a five- and 10-year plan. 

Even though the goals are written down, it doesn’t make them set in stone. You can still change your mind and take a different path.

Diet Fads Are Not Our Friends

Depending on the millennium you were born in, you may or may not have heard of the Atkins diet, South Beach diet or the blood type diet. Some of the most astounding diet fads were the cabbage soup fad in the 1960s, the Beverly Hills diet in the 1980s or the human chorionic gonadotropin(hGC) diet that was popular right after I got out of high school. 

Most new diets that everyone else is doing are most likely not backed by doctors and probably for a reason. If you choose to make a diet change, do some research before you make a drastic decision. 

A study done on metabolism with former participants of the Biggest Loser showed that crash dieting can lead to long term negative effects. Always talk to a health care provider before participating in a new diet.

Forget Fashion

Fashion trends come and go, and then they come back around. I’m living that right now with boyfriend cut and flare/bell bottom jeans coming back into style. Fashion trends aren’t comfortable for everyone.

I’m here to tell you just wear what’s comfortable and affordable. I don’t think it matters one way or the other if you are “on trend” or not. It’s about what you feel looks good on your body and what is most comfortable. Life is too short to live it uncomfortably.

The Best Shoe Hack

Children’s shoe sizes are equivalent to men’s shoe sizes but are bigger than women’s shoe sizes. If you wear a women’s size 5-8, chances are you will be able to find and fit in children’s shoes. For the most part, they are cheaper than adult sized shoes. 

Some of the styles can be, well, childish, but for the occasions that you can find a shoe that fits your foot and your style, I highly recommend starting out your shoe shopping in the children’s department.

Speaking of Shoes …

Stop wearing shoes in your home. 

Do you have any idea what animals do on the ground? Do you know where the spit from coughs and sneezes land? Would you lay on the floor of a shopping mall or hospital? 

You track all that nastiness into your home and all over the floors when you wear your shoes in the house. Even if you vacuum every day and steam clean the carpets once a year, that’s still a lot of nastiness you are bringing into your home. Gross.

Let’s Talk About Those Carpets

Since we are on the topic of cleaning carpets, you should really have them professionally shampooed or steam cleaned at least once a year, though twice a year is better. 

It should definitely be on the “to do” list in the spring/summertime. Not only does it clean up all the nastiness mentioned before, but it will increase the lifespan of your carpets and potentially increase the return on your security deposit if you’re renting.

The One Fad I Stand Behind

Do you know why everyone is obsessed with essential oils? Because there really is an oil for everything, and people have been using them for thousands of years. 

Have ants or spiders? Use peppermint or lavender oil. Are you stressed? Run a bath or hot shower with eucalyptus, spearmint and orange oils. 

The secret to this is you need the good stuff. That $5 bottle on Amazon is most likely fake and thus, worthless. Look up how essential oils are made, and you’ll understand why they are so expensive.

Teatime is for Everyone

Invest in a good kettle and learn how to make tea. No, microwaving water in a mug and throwing a tea bag in it isn’t the right way to make tea. The right way does actually involve boiling water on the stove and steeping the tea for a certain amount of time.

Social Media Reminder … Again …

Social media isn’t real life. It’s the best and the worst of life. Real life is all the mediocre middle parts. Don’t forget that.

TV Revisited

Re-watching your favorite shows from childhood as an adult is always a good idea. Yes, even the cartoons. 

It’s amazing the amount of adult jokes are hidden in animated movies and TV series which were included for the benefit of the poor parent who had to watch it with their kids. 

If you’re out of shows to binge watch on Netflix, I highly recommend being nostalgic one night and watching the kid’s shows you used to watch.

Don’t Stop Learning

Education doesn’t stop after college. For example, no one shared these fun facts of life with me, they are all things I learned along the way, and only a select few. 

The most important thing life has taught me so far is you can learn something from anyone. Practice actively listening; you’ll be amazed at the things you can learn when you pause your mouth.