Ditch your 3-in-1 body care, please

Star Diavolikis, Columnist

When you are told to have good hygiene, 3-in-1 body care should never be involved in your routine. A product that is good to use for shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body wash seems too good to be true because it is.

There are great differences between what your hair needs and what your body or facial skin needs. For starters, your facial skin is a lot more sensitive compared to the rest of your skin on your body, and improper care can cause your skin to produce more oil or be severely dry.

In “Is 3-in-1 Body Wash for Men Worth It?” author Caleb Clark explains the dilemma with these products.

“The main problem with 3-in-1 products is that you’re sacrificing quality for convenience,” Clark wrote. “While your hair and skin will get clean, it may not be the most beneficial for your overall health. The focus of the 3-in-1 products is to make sure you’re clean and sanitized. It’s not entirely focused on your skin and hair health.”

To expand on this, if someone chooses to simply be clean, their skin and hair can still suffer from it. Shampooing your hair takes dirt and excess oil away, however your hair will get dried out from shampoo taking away all oil. This is why this needs to be followed up with a conditioner that focuses on repairing damaged or dry hair, and 3-in-1 body care does not provide all the repairing nutrients needed.

I tried 2-in-1 hair care when I was in high school when I was short on money one week, and the experience was so uncomfortable I had no idea how people could willingly use these products. I do understand it may be the only product some people can afford, however I am an advocate that if you can afford proper shampoo and conditioner, you should.

When I washed my hair with this 2-in-1 before school at 7 a.m., my hair was already oily by 2:30 p.m. that day. My hair went flat due to the weight of the oil and my hair shined from far away. I tend to get oily hair fast, but never within a few hours. 

Right after I finished washing my hair with it though, my hair was very dry and felt brittle. This could have been the focus of the “shampoo” in “2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner,” and the aftermath of oily hair in such a short time was likely the “moisturizing conditioner” featured in the item’s description.

I’m not sure how 3-in-1 body care can genuinely clean your body well, considering it is trying to care for your hair and body, which are completely different areas that require different care. Your pores on your body do not need the shampoo and conditioner your hair and scalp need.

There can be exceptions to being able to use 3-in-1, such as if you have hair so short that you do not really need to worry about the hair care part of it. If this is the case, why not just use body wash and ditch the hair washing, or simply get a regular shampoo along with the body wash?

If 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 body care is all you can afford, I completely understand. If possible, saving up for better products would help you save on how fast you go through your hygienic products, which in turn makes it an expense less often. If you are using the same bottle of liquid for all three parts of your shower, you will logically go through the bottle faster due to how much you need to use per shower.

Straying away from 3-in-1 body care can save you money and keep your hair and skin healthy and happy, so please consider it.