Fitness program Group X adapts this spring quarter with new advancements and plans

Deacon Tuttle, Staff Reporter

At the Recreation Center, Group X offers several online instructor-led classes based on strength, cardio and types of yoga. Their goal is to cover every foundational fitness preference for workout veterans and casuals alike. Lessons have been online for months, but the program is looking to revert to in-person participation in the coming weeks. 

Samantha Wary is the Coordinator of Sports Clubs and works with Group X. Wary said important announcements for the program will be posted on Fitness on Demand, a fitness app where Group X classes are streamed.

Wary said that the app will provide opportunities for the student body to engage in exercise wherever they are. According to Wary, the approval is underway and the hope is to finalize the software by spring. 

This year, the Group X streaming has seen a wide audience. 

“We have lucked out that we have reached 525 patrons [this year],” Wary said. 

Her goals are to see the number stay high, give more outlets to students and provide a conversation for others. 

Annie Bluher is a senior at CWU who teaches Yoga classes for Group X. When Bluher was a sophomore she was involved with Group X as a participant. She said she was offered an opportunity to teach and help those who needed guidance.

Bluher said she thinks newcomers should try Yoga because “it helps all aspects of life.” Flexibility, injury prevention and stress relief are all aspects she said are beneficial. 

Bluher said one of her goals for this upcoming quarter is creating more variety since people can now be in the studio. That means there can be more interactions. 

Sabeth Jackson works with the Wellness Center on campus and teaches a Yin Yoga class. Jackson said her role at the Wellness Center, which focuses on meeting students’ needs, gives a great foundation for her class for Group X. 

Jackson said the goal of Yin Yoga is to be in tune with the body and to learn how to combat stress. 

“That style of Yoga is a very therapeutic style. It’s more of a meditative restorative [type],”  Jackson said.

Jackson wants to raise awareness for the Wellness Center and continue to draw in the overlapping crowds of people who are interested in both mindfulness and stress reduction. 

The Recreation Center is aiming to have in-person classes offered at the beginning of spring with a maximum capacity of six people including the instructor.