CWU alumnus Jake Forrester gears up for more minor league baseball this spring

Deacon Tuttle, Staff Reporter

Minor league baseball is kicking off once again. Jake Forrester is a pitcher who is working to land a spot on a Cleveland Indians farm team once more by continuing to excel in his craft.

After his college career with CWU, Forrester first spent time in the summer of 2019 playing Rookie ball. When 2020 and COVID-19 arrived, the minor league season was canceled due to health and safety concerns. This left him eager to train and prepare for the next opportunity to play. That opportunity is coming on April 1 with spring training. 

“I at least want to get to High A [Triple-A Baseball]. If I go beyond that, it’s a bonus,” Forrester said.

According to Forrester, the Indians have a nice complex with varied amenities that allow for bonding. He is anticipating the chance to experience this with others after an extended period apart. 

“I’ve been waiting to see my teammates, the boys. We’ve been excited to get back to it,” Forrester said.  

Since he was 5 years old, he has played baseball. When asked about what made him love the sport, he said that you have to put the time in to learn. Forrester is fond of the intricacies of baseball as opposed to other sports he grew up participating in.   

The moment he decided to love baseball first began at little league practice. He had said, “I want to be bigger than A-Rod.”

Forrester claims that everyone laughed, and this drove him to do his best at baseball. 

To analyze his performance and compare with others he said he and his dad watch baseball together. Forrester said that it is always beneficial to get an outside perspective for progress.  He is currently working on developing his hip rotation and throwing power. Explosiveness is the answer in his eyes. 

“I just threw my first bull-pen yesterday and my warmup pitches were at 90 miles per hour,” Forrester said. 

According to Forrester, this had made a big difference in his performance recently. 

Forrester said his goal is to win a championship and be the best he can be for his future teammates.