Weight gain to weight loss caused by COVID-19

Justin Zabel, Columnist

COVID-19 has caused many issues all across the globe. Many people have been given ample time to be in their own house to build connections with their family. However, one challenge that many people have been struggling with is the cycle of gaining and losing weight during the pandemic. 

I have experienced that being on lockdown in my parents or my home with a lot of snacks has had a huge impact on my life. This has given me more time to grab snacks out of the cupboards and fridge. If I was not stuck inside, I would be able to go places and be able to keep a daily routine of working out and not snacking every few minutes. 

Since I gained weight during COVID-19, sometimes referred to as “COVID-19 weight,” I have been trying to lose it. I can say I have put on some pounds during this pandemic that I am not very proud of and not very flattering to see when I look in the mirror. I can also say the longer this pandemic goes on, the more I have found myself trying to lose those pounds by working out. But how can you work out if you do not have a gym?

I have been using workout videos to start working out to lose that “COVID-19 weight.” Also playing the dance game “Just Dance” has helped me too. I know going to a gym would be more ideal in my eyes, but using home remedies is what I have had to do. Many times I would take my workouts to the living room to give me more space and ability to get the dance routine down and shed some pounds.  

From working out in my home, I have picked up on key aspects that many people would not really know. I have been weeding through my cupboards and discarding anything that is not healthy, however, I do keep a few unhealthy snacks just for a cheat day. Then I have been cooking with more whole grain, high fiber foods, fruits and vegetables and some meats in order to make sure I am getting all the food groups. Finally, I have been able to learn dance routines between classes in order to make sure that I maintain good health and good shape. 

This only happened because I was stuck inside due to the pandemic. I know that being the best I can be is all I asked for. The more I got to thinking, this pandemic has given me more of the time to self-reflect on my health (physical and mental) to ensure I am on my “A” game. Since I have started working out, I have lost 15 pounds and still have a long road ahead of me. I know I can do anything I put my mind to. 

I know I am at my best when I look in the mirror and say, “This is me.”