ASCWU primary elections set for March

Max Hughes, Staff Reporter

Primary elections for ASCWU start March 5. The primary election narrows down the number of candidates in each category to just two. 

This quarter, only one position is on the primary election ballot. The Director of Student Life & Facilities position has three candidates, the most of any category this year.

Usually, positions might have up to four candidates, according to ASCWU Director for Government Affairs Edgar Espino.

After the primary election, students will have the opportunity to get to know more about the candidates through debates and open forums online. 

“We are shifting away from in-person flyers, in-person posters and a lot of in-person campaigns because we also want to be equitable,” ASCWU President Mickael Candelaria said.

In past years, members of ASCWU would promote voting around the SURC and engage face-to-face with students around campus. The online format benefits those that don’t live on the Ellensburg campus, or even on this side of the mountains.

“We do have, which is really exciting, we have two candidates that are actually based on the west side,” Candelaria said.

In previous years, the website used for voting for ASCWU members was more difficult to use. Candidates platforms can now be found on Presence, a campus engagement website that CWU has been putting information about clubs and other on-campus organizations on.

“Honestly, I think when I remember my freshman year, voting was a little confusing, not gonna lie,” Espino said. “Presence made everything just so much easier.” 

Candelaria said that Presence is more user-friendly and more aesthetically pleasing than the previous software. The platforms on Presence allow students to utilize information and better understand who they are voting for. 

The debates also give students a place to hear and understand what a candidate stands for.

“That is next quarter … but that is also a way for students to kind of gauge which candidate is who they want to represent them in these leadership positions,” Candelaria said.

Espino said students have the right to choose who will represent them.

“There will be plenty of opportunities for students to come and listen to what we have to say and see who the best candidate they think is for the institution,” Espino said. “I think what makes a good ASCWU candidate is someone who’s transparent and connects with students.”

Candelaria said he encourages students to do their best to get to know who will be representing them. He also said that taking student feedback and concerns are the two most important parts of any position.

“There’s definitely been a lot of different personalities in the president position,” Candelaria said.