Another holiday during the pandemic

Libby Williams, Staff Reporter

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, marking off yet another holiday during the pandemic. Students are getting creative in finding ways to celebrate safely with those they love.

Kevin Williams, a senior studying theater, said the current restrictions aren’t really affecting his plans. He and his girlfriend usually cook dinner with each other, and the tradition will continue as planned this year. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Williams said he hopes everyone finds a reason to celebrate.

“I think it kind of sucks that Valentine’s Day … only ever references romantic love, when I think there are many things to celebrate like plutonic or familial love,” Williams said. 

Williams acknowledged that it’s harder to find ways to celebrate with those you love safely. 

“I don’t want to suggest a Zoom call, because I feel like we’re all very, very, very tired of Zoom calls,” Williams said.

Instead, he suggested dropping off a small gift at your friend’s doorstep, or even just driving by their window and waving. He said the holiday is a good time to remind our friends and loved ones that we appreciate them, even if it’s a “smaller” gesture.

Amanda Tebo, a senior studying computer science, said she’s excited to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, but since he lives on the westside, she’s worried restrictions will put a damper on their plans of making a nice dinner and watching movies. 

“We try to plan dates [for] once quarantine is over, and it kind of gives us something to look forward to,” Tebo said. 

Until then? Animal Crossing dates. Tebo said when she and her boyfriend first started dating, they would play the game together remotely when they couldn’t see each other, and it’s become a good substitute until more restrictions are lifted.

Tebo said she also has plans with her roommates on Feb. 13, a special holiday for anyone who’s seen “Parks and Recreation.”

“Last year, the day before Valentine’s day, we had ‘Galentine’s Day,’” Tebo said, “and we marathoned the ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ movies.” 

The franchise has a new film coming out this year, and Tebo said her roommates are ready for “round two.” 

Yana Crossland, a senior studying biology and psychology, will celebrate this year with her boyfriend, and said it’s nice to have something to look forward to right now.

“Life’s too short not to give yourself the little joys,” Crossland said. She and her boyfriend are planning on cooking dinner and having a movie marathon, something she recommends to anyone looking for something to do on Feb. 14. 

Crossland said that while Valentines’ Day is great for those who choose to celebrate it, the values behind the holiday should be remembered year round.

“It’s a good day to celebrate the love in your life, but you could do that any other day,” said Crossland. “The general principles of Valentine’s Day are applicable every day of the year, and life is too short not to live like everyday is Valentine’s Day.” 

Students looking for a way to safely celebrate Valentine’s Day this year can visit @CWUCampusActivities on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all information on any events offered.