CWU Grad Turned Tik Tok Star

Tamara Sevao, News Director/Staff Reporter

All it took was one Tik Tok video for CWU alum Mackenzie Adams to get on national television. A video that started as a way for Adams to see how her virtual lessons would look and sound. 

Adams said her 10-year-old sister convinced her to download Tik Tok. Her viral video now has 14 million views, and she has almost 400,000 followers on the platform. 

“I kind of just used it for fun for a while,” Adams said. “For it to go viral, and now I have almost 400,000 [followers], is absolutely insane.” 

With the help of her viral video, Adams received an invitation to be a part of the “Celebrating America” inauguration special. 

She filmed her segment at Kerry Park in Seattle and got to introduce the Foo Fighters, who then dedicated their song to her. 

According to Adams, the inauguration special and the Today Show have been the biggest highlights of her viral journey so far. 

Through her Tik Toks, Adams hopes she can relay the hard work that goes into teaching and the importance of creating a positive environment for students. 

“I just hope that teachers are getting the recognition that, you know, we deserve across the country,” Adams said. “Just for our efforts in teaching the little ones in this virtual world.”

Adams graduated from CWU in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She also recently got her master’s online. 

In her decision to go to CWU, Adams said that it was the right choice for her. 

“I looked at a couple different colleges and heard great things about Central’s teaching program,” Adams said. “Once I visited the campus, I knew it was going to be my home for the next four years.” 

Adams also heard great things about Lake Stevens School District and was happy to be placed at Glennwood Elementary at the Kindergarten level. This is her third year teaching there. 

Adams can be found on Tik Tok at @kenziiewenz