Staying fit: what’s new in the ‘Burg

Ondrea Machin, Staff Reporter

Whether you like to be competitive or just enjoy physical activity, the Recreation Center is offering three different self-guided fitness challenges this winter.

During the month of February, students can participate in the Indoor Ironman, the Hydrate Challenge and the Wildcat Fit Challenge. Each of these challenges gives students the opportunity to engage in physical activity and compete against other students.

Sports Lead Madison Fritts said all the challenges have different levels of fitness, and they all have the same overall goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The Indoor Ironman is like a triathlon but is a month long instead of one day. It includes running, swimming and biking equivalent, as well as some alternatives if people don’t want to swim, such as vertical climbing, extra walking and rowing. 

Participants have the option to do this at home, sign up for a 45 minute time slot at the Recreation Center Gym or use the aquatic center to achieve their distance in each category. 

This challenge has a fee of $10 until Jan. 31. After that date, the fee goes up to $15 until Feb 7.

The Hydrate Challenge allows students to monitor and set goals for how much water they want to drink each day with weekly check-ins. At the end of the six-week challenge, they earn a certificate for completing the challenge.

Fritts said the Hydrate Challenge aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, hydration and mindfulness.

In the Wildcat Fit Challenge, students can participate individually or in groups of three. There are three different categories: fitness enthusiasts, workout wonders and don’t sweat it.

Fritts said each category of fitness can have different amounts of physical activity in order to reach a specified goal.

Intramural Sports Manager Spencer Dalzell said all the challenges are self-tracked, and participants put their activities in an excel sheet and send in weekly updates to the Recreation Center. The Recreation Center then puts the data on its master sheet.

For all challenges, the goal is to promote health and wellness during the winter months and keep a healthy mind. Also, each of the challenges have separate goals along with promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“Our two biggest goals always come back to promoting healthy lifestyles and bringing people together and include others,” Dalzell said.

For people who don’t want to be outside in the cold or don’t want to go to the gym, the Wildcat Fit Challenge offers the ability to do workouts in the comfort of their own home.

“At home, YouTube videos, we are planning on plugging Group X classes they can live stream from home. It is really trying to promote well-being and health,” Fritts said.

Those who don’t want to sign-up for the challenges, the Recreation Center has a Discord called CWURec and it allows students to hangout and connect with other students.

Students can register for all the challenges through the online portal on Students should click on programs and scroll until they find special events.