Skyward Sword is actually a good game

Star Diavolikis, Columnist

Legend of Zelda fans will know that Skyward Sword is one of the most unpopular games in the series. However, it is genuinely a good game considering the new features and characters it included.

With Skyward Sword, the new feature of Wii MotionPlus was introduced to the series, and was what made a lot of players dislike the game. Even though the technology was not quite ready to rely on motion controls for many important parts of the game, the motion controls were what made the game great.

Manual movements guided the sword, which was necessary for many enemies. These movements may have been to move the sword in a circular motion to make an eyeball dizzy, having to tilt the sword left or right to turn a dial and having to trace a shape with the sword’s point. The game became more immersive while using these controls, as the player had literal control over the sword compared to just pushing a button to have Link swing his sword.

Another feature that was very disliked was the introduction to a stamina wheel. Many users disliked the concept of only being able to run in short bursts, especially with how fast the stamina depleted. A stamina wheel was a great concept, but may have been executed a little poorly. If the stamina wheel did not run out as fast, the feature would not have been as irritating as players said it was.

Characters in Skyward Sword were amazing additions to the Legend of Zelda universe. Ghirahim, for example, was a great recurring boss. Though he may have been too eccentric for many, his charisma and sass was a great change of pace from the usual bosses included in the series. Many bosses in the Zelda series are usually serious, uptight and rarely ever engage in a regular conversation like Ghirahim had throughout the game.

An amazing event that was included was the silent realm trials. These trials were intense and somewhat terrifying. The silent realm provided a thrilling segment in the game, where the player had to sneak past the Guardians and Watchers to collect sacred tears.

Controls and other features aside, the story itself was a great addition to the series. Skyward Sword tells the beginning, the whole series’ start. It tells how Ganon will always return to Link in attempts to defeat him, and in turn there will always be more generations of Link and Zelda having to work together to fight back. There will always be a reincarnation of somebody who aids Link in his journey. In Skyward sword it was Fi, but in other games it may be Navi or other companions.

This game’s storyline paired with the art style created an atmosphere that was immaculate. The story was similar to a gentle beginning, and the soft color palette completed the atmosphere.

Though the controls were a bit frustrating for some players, Skyward Sword was overall a good game and provided great additions to the Legend of Zelda universe.