Limited gyms in Ellensburg

Limited gyms in Ellensburg

Deacon Tuttle, Staff Reporter

No one wants to fall behind on their well-being. COVID-19 has fought against society in terms of both mental and physical health. With gyms shut down far and wide for the majority of a year Ellensburg looks different at the moment. 

The Gym is a local fitness center on Main Street. An anonymous source said the Gym had a good atmosphere. The people there were nice, and it was not too busy. 

Regarding the state of operations in response to COVID-19, the source said, “There’s not a whole lot of guidelines going on in there.” 

When asked about specific mask policies and COVID-19 protocols they chose not to specify. The anonymous source mentioned that it is, “Pretty much business as usual.” 

Anytime Fitness is another outlet in Ellensburg. Their last announcement about COVID-19 was on Nov. 17, 2020. In the announcement,numerous guidelines  were displayed along with an extensive action plan to combat potential dangers. 

Anytime Fitness is also currently offering a $1 membership between Jan. 11-25 . 

Their website lists Anytime Fitness as open, but calling their phone line has proven mixed results. When calling, the message that plays at the tone said that the gym was currently closed due to Gov. Jay Inslee’s mandates. 

The SURC gym is available for CWU students. On the Recreation Center’s website the priority is to keep safety first.

According to the Recreation Center website, there are two phases that are in place at the moment. Phase 1 requires reservations prior and gym goers must be 500 square feet apart. Phase 2 will strip the reservations and improve occupancy to 25% capacity. 

Additionally, daily CWU health checks, required masks and frequent cleaning are all used to maintain public safety and regulations. 

COVID-19 has impacted the fitness community in a large fashion and it appears that it will stay that way for the time being.