Hope for CWU men’s basketball season rises


CWU athletics

Freshman Forward Gaige Ainslie doing a lay up drill at practice.

Deacon Tuttle, Staff Reporter

The men’s basketball team represents several attributes to people both on and off the court – teamwork, commitment, and dedication.The CWU men’s basketball program has been injected with new life during these uncertain times. So, what does that look like for this year? 

Head coach Brandon Rinta said moving forward they’re trying to get some games on the schedule.

These games will be non-conference and the opponents are currently undecided. This is the game plan unless COVID-19 begins to spike once more. 

When asked how Coach Rinta is navigating these challenging times he said he points to the fact that injuries are random but this virus is an uncontrolled variable that has been thrust into sports suddenly. 

“This is one of the tougher things I’ve been through in my 20 year career,” Rinta said. 

The Wildcats’ attitude is positive in the face of these trying times. The team goal is to create a sense of unity and to improve overall when compared to the fall quarter. Unfortunately for students and fans alike, Rinta wanted to inform those that if games begin, “…the opportunity to see is [going to] be limited.” 

Junior Forward Matt Poquette when asked about playing as a team said the team starts practice on Jan. 19 and hopefully they can play sometime in February. 

Regarding COVID-19 restrictions and how that will affect practice, Poquette said they’re going to be testing every week which will allow them to have a regular practice. Masks in this process are still being discussed. In Poquette’s eyes the keys to success in these following months are self-discipline and a strong work ethic. 

CWU’s play-by-play commentator Danny Debock regarding the prospect of a season noted, “for me and for [CWU] this was going to be a big year.” 

According to Debock, he lives and breathes sports along with many others around campus. With no games to cover it will feel as if there is something missing. Debock’s excitement rose when talking about last season and how impressive it was to see the team starting to really mesh at the end. 

Once the university protocol requirements are met to cover games for the Wildcats, no one is going to be more eager than Debock to mention CWU’s accomplishments.