Water polo club practicing for when competition resumes


Tyler Pospichal

CWU water polo club poses together for a photo back in 2019 after a successful competition.

Derek Harper, Staff Reporter

The water polo team is taking part in limited practices doing what it can to stay ready for when competition resumes.

According to junior and water polo club Vice President Tyler Pospichal, the team didn’t have any practices during spring quarter since sports clubs practices were shut down for the quarter.

This quarter, only 10 people can be in the pool at a time and they must stay six feet apart. 

Because of this, the team hasn’t been able to do all the drills they usually would. 

They can’t practice man-on-man and other drills that require players to be closer than six feet or have contact.

According to Pospichal, right now without competition, the team is focusing on the basics such as passing, treading water and other basic drills. 

Water polo club Secretary Brian McDarment had no prior experience until joining the club so even if you have no experience, they’ll welcome you.

McDarment said the team’s main goal is to learn to play the game, work together and achieve every win they can.

Something each player touched on was team bonding and friends they made.

“I think the people that you meet is probably my favorite part,” senior Dillon Goodell said.

For potential students that might join the team, Goodell made it clear it’s a good workout.

“It’s definitely going to be a hard exercise and getting into it may be difficult if you haven’t done swimming before, but it’s definitely worth the while,” Goodell said.

He said the good exercise is one reason somebody should join the team or if they’re looking for a good social interaction while also still being able to social distance from others.

According to Pospichal, the team helps new people learn water polo skills since it’s a difficult sport and that no matter what skill level you are, there’s always something to learn. 

During practices, players will bounce ideas off each other of what they need to work on. 

The team has participated in tournaments throughout the region including Oregon, Idaho, Washington and even one in British Columbia, Canada. 

Most of the tournaments happen in the fall and spring quarters.

If the team goes to a tournament and plays five games, but wins just one, then that’s still a huge success for members. 

McDarment said the team celebrates and remembers the win and that it’s a good time. 

McDarment said what makes it worth it for the team members is when they’re able to put what they learned in practice into competition.

If students are interested in joining the club they can contact one of the head officers or reach out through social media.