One of the country’s largest flag will rise in Thorp

Tamara Sevao

Tamara Sevao, Online Editor

Shree’s Travel Plaza recently implemented one of the largest U.S flags in the country. The process to put it up took over a year. 

The Saini family, owners of Shree’s Travel Plaza, had to get approval from just about everyone in order to fly the flag. The county, the transportation department, engineers and safety inspectors are just a few. 

They’ve had the idea for a very long time now, but officially started the process to raise the flag about a year ago. 

Ekta Saini is one of the owners of Shree’s Travel Plaza. 

“One part of the media tries to portray this as a broken nation or divided nation,” Saini said. “No, this is the greatest nation on Earth.”

The family has always tried to find a way to give back to the country, and this is how they decided to. 

“We want to do something that will remain here even long after we’re gone,” Saini said. “We just wanted to create a monument through the flag.”

Yesco Corporation, the flag company, had to ensure the safety of civilians and businesses nearby. They safety-proofed the flag in case any natural disasters occur. If the flag gets damaged or tattered, it will be replaced. 

The flag was originally raised on October 20, but they plan to take it down and hold an official flag raising ceremony. 

Veterans will host the public ceremony as well as re-raise the flag.

The ceremony will be held at Shree’s Travel Plaza on Veterans Day November 11 at 11:11 a.m.