COVID-19 retest results returned for Wendell Hill Hall B residents


Bailey Tomlinson, News Editor

Only one additional positive case of COVID-19 was found following a second wave of testing of the residents of Wendell Hill Hall B last week, where the university previously announced an outbreak. This announcement was made after 14 total residents tested positive for the virus.

The additional positive case, a student, had been symptomatic prior to testing and was isolated due to this, according to an announcement made on the CWU website. The student began isolation on Oct. 26.

The eight students who tested positive on Oct. 19 have also been in isolation since that time. 

This round of testing was conducted on all residents and building employees who received negative results following the first mass-testing. The retest was conducted on Oct. 26. 

At the time of testing, Wendell Hill Hall B was seeing about a 10% spread rate among its residents, according to Dean of Student Success Gregg Heinselman. Kittitas County sees about a 1% spread rate. 

President James L. Gaudino praised the university and public health officials for their response to the outbreak, in line with recent comments he made during a Board of Trustees meeting where he described CWU’s infection rates as both “manageable” and within the university’s ability to isolate and quarantine.

Gaudino attributed this success to the campus community, university staff and public health officials.