Ahmed Hassan uses his film “The Square” to show social issues in Egypt

Nidia Torres

Nidia Torres, Reporter

Ahmed Hassan is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer. One of his well-known films “The Square,” showcases political reform and social injustice in Egypt. Hassan and his partners in the film, document the Egyptian Revolution and Egyptian crisis.

In a public discussion that took place on October 23 with CWU students, Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Associated Students of Central Washington University (ASCWU), Hassan explained how technology and film are important platform to showcase global social justice issues.

“Technology, we have to use it,” Hassan said. “I started to use it with my free camera; it was a small camera. But this was footage that became one day, as evidence.”

However, Hassan’s work as a journalist, filmmaker and political activist has placed him in danger.

 “Muslim Brotherhood (an organization from Egypt) doesn’t like that,” Hassan said. “As an Islamist – they hate my film and the military and the older regimes – they hate my film.”

MSA Advisor Marwa Ghazali explained that in Egypt, there are journalists who cannot report on issues that are not covered by the state. According to Ghazali, that’s why the information Egyptian citizens receive is limited. 

“I think that’s where the importance of people like Ahmed and Mohammed come in,” Ghazali said. “Where you have local people, who have no agenda other than to create a dignified life for the people.”

MSA Advisor Salam Awad said media and film provide a platform to acknowledge social justice issues.

 “These different platforms can give voices to different people struggling with political reform, political change, police brutality,” Awad said.

MSA and Hassan both utilize film and technology to provide a voice and platform for minorities facing social injustices. Ghazali believes that Hassan has more to accomplish as a political activist and documentary filmmaker. According to her, the world has not yet seen Hassan’s whole story.