Local fourth grader starts a pumpkin-selling business

Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez, News Director

Michael Eberhart began selling pumpkins he grew himself a few weeks ago. He first started his business so he could earn enough money to buy an oculus, also known as a virtual reality set. However, Eberhart’s business started to grow more than he expected. 

“Then the business became bigger so I just wanted to help some people and give away some pumpkins,” Eberhart said.

Eberhart began selling the big pumpkins for $5 and the small ones for $3, but after he met his goal, he lowered the price to $1. Now, he just wants to give away his remaining pumpkins. 

“I’m happy that I’m giving away some of them and selling some of them,” Eberhart said.

Tanya Myers, Eberhart’s mother, said people have been really generous and leaving money for the pumpkins anyway.

“A lot of people have been really generous and have donated or given him a tip,” Myers said.

Myers said she was a little hesitant at first to let Eberhart sell his pumpkins because of the pandemic, but they made it work by setting up a self-service pay box.

“They put the money in the box and Michael can get it afterwards so we don’t have to touch and do that kind of stuff so people can just help themselves out there,” Myers said.

Myers said running the business has turned out to be good for Eberhart because it keeps him occupied and he’s learned what it takes to run a business.

“He’s had to calculate how much money he needs to earn and how much he wants to save up and how much to charge for each pumpkin,” Myers said.

According to Myers, people from all over Washington, including the Tri-cities, Yakima and parts of western Washington have visited Eberhart’s business to buy pumpkins.

“It’s been eye opening in the way that there still are good people out there,” Myers said. 

Eberhart started with about 500 pumpkins and so far has sold about 300. Eberhart said he plans to buy clothes with the money he’s earned, save up some of it and buy gifts for his friends and family. 

Myers said Eberhart has never run a business before, but likes to do things to earn money to help other people. 

“It’s been small things like chores, but not a business,” Myers said.

If you’d like some of Eberhart’s pumpkins, you can get the address by clicking on the link below.