A modified buildup to competition raises the possibility for more injuries in the upcoming season for CWU athletics


Casey Rothgeb

Head football coach Chris Fisk is confident that CWU’s football team will be able to build up their workouts to avoid injuries similar to the NFL.

Sean Bessette, Staff Reporter

With the lack of preseason games, more NFL players are getting injured through the first few weeks of the season. As seen in the NFL, when competition occurs, it’s possible the same thing could happen with players at CWU.

Head Athletic Trainer Isaac Perry doesn’t think it’ll be an issue.

“I think it is a little different in the NCAA. Whenever we get to the competition stage, we will have had a lot of time where we can build up to that. In the NFL, they were doing it all in a shortened amount of time and then they were going straight into playing games,” Perry said.

Since there aren’t any fall sports championships happening this year, the timeline in which coaches and trainers need to get players ready for competition has been extended.

“We have a ton of time and we want to use that to the best of our abilities. I think when we eventually get to competition, it won’t be in that same condensed timeline,” Perry said.

Perry is also thankful for the administration and the Kittitas County Public Health Department for giving the team the opportunity to have controlled workouts and to bring students back onto campus.

“I think that’s going to pay dividends down the road when we are finally able to compete,” Perry said.

Head coach Chris Fisk also said he doesn’t think a modified buildup will lead to more injuries.

“We’ll have well over a month to practice and get acclimated before we see any live action,” Fisk said.

Since large group practices can’t happen, the coaching staff is designing drills and rethinking ways to keep players safe from injuries during practice. 

“You definitely got to minimize the reps,” Assistant Coach AJ Cooper said.

Although the team is looking ahead to practicing, right now its focus is on conditioning. The football team won’t start practicing until it’s ready.

“We told our guys, ‘we won’t go into practice until we’re in shape,’ and that’s not because we want to have better practices but we want to keep them safe,” Cooper said.

Many NFL players have gotten hurt over the first few weeks of the season to a wide array of injuries. Nick Bosa, Saquon Barkley and Courtland Sutton tore their ACLs in week two. Christian McCaffrey and Jimmy Garoppolo suffered high ankle sprains. 

For the Seattle Seahawks, starting linebacker Bruce Irvin and starting nickel back Marquise Blair suffered torn ACLs. Both players will be sidelined for the whole season.

CWU’s coaches and strength staff are doing everything in their power to minimize any season ending injuries in the upcoming season.