Outdoor activity keeps the minds of staff and students fresh and ready

Gabriel Strasbaugh, Staff Reporter

More people are looking for things to do while our state and country remain somewhat closed. Students have decided to take this time to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities this state offers, including hunting, hiking and water activities like rafting, canoeing and fishing. 

Football head coach Chris Fisk and his players spent a lot of time this offseason outdoors with the postponement of training camp. 

“We told our guys to enjoy themselves,” Fisk said. 

With football on the back burner, Fisk said the team took to the water this spring instead of the field. 

“I challenged our staff to go enjoy their August. We spent a lot of time on the Columbia River having a lot of fun down there and just really took advantage of where we live,” Fisk said.

Fisk added that the outdoors can help get the players’ and staff minds off the pandemic. This is common among traits shared by others who spend their time outside to clear their heads from the pandemic, along with the desire to be in touch with nature.  

Senior double major in family & consumer sciences and psychology Djjin McCarter said the outside is a perfect getaway from the stress of classes to clear her head. 

“I’ve been able to get out and go hiking a couple times. Just getting out and being by the water when I can is really what I do,” McCarter said. 

Prior to social distancing, hiking by the water is something McCarter has made a habit of in her four years in Ellensburg. 

“It’s what I enjoy anyway so it works out. I go hiking in the canyon quite a bit though. Even though we are getting into fall I would still love to go raft down the river,” McCarter said.    

While this helps students and residents  enjoy this time in life, outdoor activities over the past few weeks have been far more difficult to partake in. The wildfires ravaging the west coast have forced the public to take precautions outside due to breathing unhealthy toxins from green wood smoke according to the Lung Association. Aside from the week of smoke, most activities are still taking place even with the Recreation Center not at maximum capacity.