Students adjust to COVID-19 Restrictions on campus

Amy Morris

Amy Morris, Reporter

CWU has reopened for fall quarter with extra precautionary measures in place. With COVID-19 still posing a threat, students have had to readjust to a new normal.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, there are only a few buildings on campus open to the public. In person classes are also being limited. For freshmen just starting their college journey, it can be challenging adapting  to the current state of CWU.

Haidynn Bentley, a freshman biology major, has found it challenging  transitioning into the college lifestyle.

“Making friends, it’s so hard, especially when I first got here the smoke was a big thing and so like they cancelled all the welcome week events and there was like nothing to do,” Bentley said. “So it was pretty boring the first week.”

Before going to campus, students, staff and faculty members must fill out a daily health check on Canvas. This assessment tracks whether they have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Wearing a mask and staying six feet apart are also required on campus.

One of the changes made to the SURC is that the tables have been spaced out and limited to four people per table. There is also a mobile food delivery option for students who want to pick up their food instead of waiting in line.

The information center is giving out masks and thermometers to students who need them. To get the supplies, students must present their student ID at the counter. Lucas Maghirang, a worker at the information center, said many students have been taking advantage of the supplies they are providing.

“It has slowed down as the quarter has gone on, probably because more and more people have gotten them, but the first couple days a ton of people had gotten them and you see a lot of people wearing them around,” Maghirang said.

According to the student FAQs on CWU’s website, the number of students living on campus has also been limited to 2,000 and the majority of classes are online. Students living on campus do not get the option of having a roommate either. 

“I honestly really like it because I’m by myself and I don’t have a roommate, but I would like to have had a roommate so that I could go do something like with someone all the time,” Bentley said. “It does get a little lonely but it is nice to  have my own space.”

According to a press release sent out by President James Gaudino on Sept. 24, there are currently 16 students who tested positive for COVID-19. The students are currently in isolation and most of them are off-campus. The press release also stated that hybrid classes will continue into winter and spring.