Health checks and mitigation form implemented as campus reopens

Bailey Tomlinson, News Editor

CWU has announced the new launch date of the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Compliance form students and employees will be required to sign stating they understand and agree to the university’s COVID-19 prevention plans for fall quarter. Though wording in several places has been changed, there is no major content change from CWU’s previously released mitigation form.

Beginning Sept. 3, students and employees will be required to agree to the terms of the form in order to access their MyCWU accounts, where data such as enrollment status, personal information and clocked hours are accessible. The form must be completed by Sept. 18, according to a statement released by the school. Once completed, individuals will not be required to complete the form again until the following quarter. 

Alongside this new measure, CWU will be implementing daily self-health checks for both students and employees beginning Sept. 8. These checks must be completed before arriving on CWU property each day, and are being implemented to help individuals determine whether they should come to campus that day. Self-health checks will consist of an online form that will require individuals to monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.

Information from student and employee self-health checks will be stored differently, according to the statement. Information from employee self-health checks will be confidential. Supervisors will be able to see whether an employee has completed their health check but not any information about COVID-19 status, symptoms or if the check advised the individual against coming to campus. Employee health checks will not be stored.

Conversely, student health checks will be saved and are protected under FERPA.

“Neither the attestation nor the health check forms are legal documents or waivers,” the statement reads. “They will be used to remind employees about the behaviors we all need to follow so CWU can be as safe as possible this fall and beyond.”

Updates on these forms come as CWU continues forward with plans to reopen. This includes posting a tentative schedule for Wildcat Welcome Week, the incoming student orientation program taking place from Sept. 4-12 and the reopening of buildings on campus beginning Aug. 31. Continuing to go forward with these plans will create increased in-person activity on campus.