Social distancing: summer break edition

Samantha Cabeza, Staff Reporter

As the end of the quarter is approaching, plans for summertime are being made while keeping COVID-19 guidelines in mind.

Students expressed  how they think this summer will  feel different because of  the pandemic.

However, since Ellensburg is opening up slowly, they are hopeful they will be able to have the summer they have been craving.

The stay-at-home order has limited the amount of activities students can do, such as  fishing, boating and camping.

Now that Ellensburg has entered phase two, students said they were relieved to hear things could actually feel like they were going back to normal.

Alexander Groom, a junior studying film production, said he was mostly excited for summer because he just wants to be outside in the sunlight and get a haircut.

“I have been practicing social distancing and staying at home for what seems like forever, and I’m a little tired of at-home haircuts,” Groom said. “I am ready to go outside and get a real haircut from a barber shop.. Sorry, mom.”

Groom said besides getting a haircut, he was mostly excited because his family owns lake property in western Washington, which means he can go for a swim and be with his family.

“My family usually spends most of their time during the summer out there,” Groom said. “Every weekend last summer we went, and there’s usually not a lot of people in that area. So, it’s the ideal place to go during a pandemic.”

Practicing social distancing in such a remote place isn’t an issue, according to Groom. Although, he said it would be a treat to see all of his lake neighbors out there as soon as summer starts. Groom said he will also be spending some time in Ellensburg as well because he wants to go on hikes at Lion’s Rock and Umtanum Creek Falls.

“I really wanted to follow the stay-at-home order guidelines, but now that Ellensburg is in phase two, I think I feel a little bit more comfortable to go to more public places and hikes,” Groom said. “I don’t feel as restricted.”

Groom said as much as he hates wearing masks, he will do his best to wear them as much as possible to stay safe and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Amy Osterhage, a middle level humanities education junior, said this summer is going to feel different for her because it’s her first one in Ellensburg. She said it will feel different because stores and restaurants will begin opening up soon.

Osterhage said she wants to work full time while she takes classes during the summer, as well.

After she’s done with her school and work duties, she said she wants to hang out with her friends.

“As long as I am able to work, do homework and have fun, I think it will be a great summer,” Osterhage said. “A lot of my friends are staying too, so I’m excited to go camping, hiking and just hang out with them.”