Meet the ASCWU Director for Student Life and Facilities candidates


Left to right: Ashley-Sue Vizguerra, Nathan Rawson

Mariah Valles, Orientation Editor and Photo Editor

Note: All candidates were asked the same questions. Answers are placed in alphabetical order and have been transcribed from audio interviews. 

Candidates: Ashley-Sue Vizguerra, Nathan Rawson


What’s something as a student you wish was different that you would try to change in your position?

Ashley: Coming from the westside, a remote campus, I really want to bring more awareness of the westside and remote campuses by using this position, just voicing more of how we can all be one community, one university.

Nathan: One thing that I really want to change if I was elected into this position is, I feel like there are quite a few departments and majors that don’t necessarily feel included, they feel left out with smaller departments that really aren’t as prominent as a lot of the STEM majors that Central is known for. I really want to include those majors in our decision making and make them feel like they’re heard even though they have, they do have smaller numbers and they’re just as much Central students as any other nature. I feel that’s a very important thing to have during these times.


Why should somebody choose you to represent them?

Ashley: Since I am an untraditional student through and through, and I come from the westside. I believe that I am the best representation of remote campuses. I have been to main campus and I really believe that I have all the qualities needed to be able to be the best candidate.

Nathan: They should choose me to represent them because I do have the knowledge and experience. I do have a background with student government. Throughout high school I’ve been in various positions. I was class president. I was also secretary for the entire student government when I was in high school. When I moved to community college, I was our sophomore representative, which was in charge of a lot of planning. We did a lot of legislative affairs and we also did a lot of event planning in that nature. So I do have that background. Also, I am currently working as an EMT, and it has really taught me how to care for people and I really do care for this Central community. Coming to Ellensburg, not being from the area, I felt really embraced by everyone in the community and I want to show that love and support back to the Central students and Central family and not just Central students but also going out into the community and getting that love out into the community. I know it’s going to be a difficult year next year, especially with everything that’s going on with this coronavirus. Everybody is not in Ellensburg… everybody’s separated. I want to be able to get us united and back whole as a family and as the community in a Wildcat family.


Which pizza is the best pizza?

Ashley: Hawaiian pizza. Pineapple does belong on pizza. I stand by that statement.

Nathan: I would say probably barbecue pizza. Like a chicken barbecue pizza. I have about eight different barbecue sauces in my fridge right now. You can’t find me with just one barbecue sauce and I just, any barbecue sauce I love and then chicken just goes well with barbecue sauce is what I’m looking for.



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