Swarm season in Ellensburg

Tamara Sevao, Central News Watch

Tamara Sevao/Central News Watch

Notice more bees around? That’s because bee swarm season has arrived in Ellensburg. This is a natural phase and is completely harmless as long as the right people step in to help.

Local beekeeper Colleen Wadey said swarms occur when there is no more space for a  queen bee to lay her eggs. Wadey said there are even scout bees who will go out and search for a new place to live. 

According to Wadey, bees aren’t angry when swarming. While it might seem intimidating because there are so many bees at once, the bees fill themselves up with honey before moving, making them very calm.

“They are not looking to harm anyone at all,” Wadey said. “They are just looking after themselves, each other and the queen.” 

On April 25, Wadey went to rescue a swarm from Cornerstone Pie. She said the secret is to capture the queen bee first. Once that’s done, the rest are easy. 

“I got as many of the bees as I thought I could get into the box and I kind of just stepped back,” Wadey said. “And sure enough all the bees started going down into the box.” 

If you see a swarm, stay calm and contact your local beekeeper if necessary.