Teaching art virtually through COVID-19

Mary Park, Central News Watch

Mary Park/Central News Watch

From paper bag stars to yarn feathers, making art can help pass the time and keep kids busy.

Gallery One had to close temporarily due to COVID-19, but it hasn’t stopped them from continuing its art classes. Art instructors have been adapting their lessons on virtual platforms.

Community School of the Arts Coordinator Amy Davidson teaches art to preschoolers. In a given school calendar, Davison taught weekly at the gallery classroom. Now, she teaches at home virtually on Facebook.

“It’s a lot harder as an art teacher,” Davison said. “Because in the classroom, I get to be very hands on with the kids and I can see where they’re struggling with tying knots or whatever the project might include.”

Davison said she hopes her lessons can give parents and their kids confidence to make an art project at home.

“That’s one thing we see a lot in the gallery classroom with parents is that they don’t want to make a mess at home,” she explained. “But it’s really important for kids to be able to make a mess … [and] it’s also important for them to learn how to clean it up.”

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